masThe Specialty Coffee Industry is among the fastest growing food industries in the world and has revolutionized the food and beverage marketplace. According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (“SCAA”), the estimated number of coffeehouses in the U.S. increased from 1,150 in 1990 to 21,400 in 2005, while retail sales estimates for the total market increased from $7.76 billion in 2000 to $11.05 billion in 2005.¹ Specialty coffee, which is coffee “made from exceptional beans grown only in ideal coffee-producing climates and feature distinctive flavors” has continued to gain popularity. According to the National Coffee Association’s Annual Drinking Trends Study, daily consumption of specialty coffee among adults in the U.S. has risen from 9% in 2000 to 15% in 2005, while “occasional” consumption has grown from 53% to 60% over the same years.² The trends place an importance on serving quality coffee as both demand grows and consumer sophistication increases. WCR can develop your specialty beverage program to surpass today's consumer's elevated

WCR is able to facilitate your specialty beverage program, whether it be leveraging one of our existing brands, tailoring your food service program, or producing your private label to retail. From start to finish, our in-house resources and infrastructure is all you'll need to execute your own unique, premium, specialty beverage program. Increase your buying power and depth of resource by leveraging our global network, consolidated purchasing and logistics, WCR is able to source raw materials from around the world to you (FOB Oakland, USA) at competitive market prices. Delivering vital flexibility and profitability necessary to make your business successful.
During our 27 years of industry experience, we’ve developed a trusted, comprehensive network of the very best suppliers related to specialty beverage. Everything from the best farms to the best equipment, we’ve done the research necessary to remove the costly guesswork from your roll-out. Increase efficiency and profitability by leveraging WCR as an external resource. Our infrastructure and operations are well established and completely integrated so that you don’t need to assume unnecessary cost of sales, overhead, or operating expenses.
Our team brings over 30 years worth of international experience combined with over 27 years of specialty coffee experience. Our resources are fully leveraged to directly support your business. We focus on addressing specific in-market requirements while maximizing business opportunities by tailoring industry “best practices”.
We've honed our brand marketing skills in some of the most competitive environments in the world - we know that to have the best product is just not enough anymore. Everything from diversity of products to quality brand marketing, WCR can build the complex foundations to drive your brand and build longevity through depth.
  WCR is committed to constantly challenging and improving our own concept via focused, ongoing research and development in all areas such as farms, products, suppliers and operations. These improvements allow our partners to adjust their business as market trends evolve over time.

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