At WCR, we pride ourselves in our tea selection, paying close attention to the two key elements which control flavor: Plucking Styles and Processing Techniques.

Teas come from a single plant - Camellia Sinensis. From this one seed, grows over 3,000 types of tea. Tea grows best in a humid tropical to subtropical climates with plenty of rain. Areas that have good drainage with a high-acidity soil together with appropriate proportions of clay, silt, and sand produce the best teas. Higher elevations also yield better quality teas because the cooler evenings cause the leaves to grow slower, concentrating their flavor. Although we source all over the world, the top five tea producing countries include Japan, China, Taiwan, India and Sri Lanka.

Our quality teas are meticulously selected then carefully processed. Raw leaf quality varies greatly by season, and while a given farm/estate may produce dozens of lots of tea each year, only a handful will actually have great flavor.

John had the privilege of learning the expertise of tea tasting and blending from Alfred Peet. Having cupped and compared thousands of tea samples, John has experienced the myriad of choices from the world's tea gardens. WCR now offers his favorite tea selections and blends in loose-leaf form.